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Vocational Courses and Fees

Our current qualifications include Hospitality, Hairdressing and English.


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Course Code Course information for
Domestic Students*
Course information for
International Students
Course in Preliminary Spoken and Written English 10361NAT Richmond
Certificate I in Spoken and Written English 10362NAT Richmond
Certificate II in Spoken and Written English 10363NAT Richmond
Certificate III in Spoken and Written English 10364NAT Richmond
Certificate IV in Spoken and Written English - Further Studies 10365NAT Richmond
Certificate III in Hospitality SIT30616 N/A Richmond
Certificate IV in Hospitality SIT40416 N/A Richmond
Diploma of Hospitality SIT50416 N/A Richmond
Certificate II in Salon Assistant SHB20216 N/A Richmond
Certificate III in Hairdressing SHB30416 N/A Richmond
Certificate IV in Hairdressing SHB40216 Richmond
Diploma of Salon Management SHB50216 N/A Richmond


We are an Equal Opportunity organisation and encourage people with disability to access government funded subsidised training.



Skills First Eligibility Criteria


TAIE is an approved Skills First provider, to determine if your individual circumstances meet the Skills First Eligibility Criteria please go to Skill Firsts Criteria.



Fees Information


Statement of fees for domestic student

Statement of fees for international student

Refund Policy